All Trucks Equipped with Four Wheel Drive

Barco recognizes that not all jobsites are on nicely paved roads. We provide 4x4 equipped trucks, so you're ready for all conditions. Four wheel drive is standard on our trucks, and our fleet is both reliable and durable for whatever terrain you encounter. Any job of any size can be handled with our 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton and 1-ton trucks. All of our trucks come with a tow package and crew cab, so you can easily haul your equipment and 6 crew members comfortably, and be confident knowing you will have the strength to get the job done. Our fleet offers you a choice of 4 wheel drive trucks suitable for every need, and when you rent from Barco, you always get the best deal possible for your needs with our Price Match Guarantee.

Beyond being 4wd equipped, Barco has even more advantages to give you the best rental experience possible!