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Barco Rent-A-Truck:
The #1 Truck Rental Company For Businesses Nationwide

At Barco Rent-A-Truck, we work with all industries from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. There’s not a truck rental job too big or too small for us to handle.

Learn More About Barco's Advantages:

Price Match Guarantee

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We are looking for long term customers, and find them through providing industry-leading advantages and unmatched customer service. To make sure we are providing the best rental program, we offer a GUARANTEE that noone will beat our prices for the models of trucks that we offer. We want your confidence in us that you're getting the best. We mean it when we say, "Best Trucks. Best Price."

No Residual Loss

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Here's how it works, since you are renting rather than leasing your vehicles, you're only paying for what you have used, and better yet, you're paying for a new, top-quality truck. Those costs when coming off the lot don't matter when you don't have a long term lease to deal with, as you can just have us pick up your truck when you no longer need it!

Nationwide Pickup & Delivery

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We deliver and pickup your rental truck anywhere you'd like in the continental U.S. We handle all the logistics of getting trucks to and from your site or location. Whether you need 1 or 300 trucks we have you covered!

Towing Allowed

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All of our trucks are equipped with a factory tow package, factory electric trailer brake, and our 3/4 and 1 ton trucks also include an exhaust brake. If you need a gooseneck, our 1 Ton Flatbed trucks ALL include a gooseneck hitch under a door in the flatbed. All Barco trucks are not only have towing capabilites, but you can tow with them free of charge. No extra fees.

Full Factory Warranty

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All of our trucks come with a full factory warranty, which means with Barco, you will always have current model year, top-quality, well-equipped pickup trucks.

Brand New Trucks

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Barco only puts you into the best, brand new, never used trucks. Whether you want Chevrolet, GMC, or Ram trucks, we will give you the best trim packages. That's a Laramie package on our Ram trucks, LTZ package on our Silverado trucks, and SLT package on our Sierra trucks. When you show up to your jobsite, everyone will know you mean business. Your crew will also be driving trucks that breakdowns and problems due to neglected maintanance aren't an issue.