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Upfitting Permitted

Upfitting is allowed on all Barco pickup truck rentals! Whether you want to add your company decals or logo, toolboxed, a ladder rack, a fuel storage tank, a brush guard, some running boards, etc. Sometimes your job has specific requirements, and we get that. Rent from Barco, and use your pickup truck rentals how you need to use them to get your job done.

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Comfort in a Hard Working Truck

The jobsite can be a rough place. How about riding up to work in comfort? Barco delivers top trim level trucks, with six passenger leather seating and all the top of the line options to make sure you're at your best when you pull up to get your work done.

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The Best 4X4 Trucks For Your Jobsite

Whether you need Fladbed Trucks, Service Utility Body Trucks, or Pickup Trucks, Barco has you covered with the very best trucks you'll see on ANY jobsite. Better yet, the cost of Barco trucks is unmatched. Get the best trucks for your jobsite at the best prices for your company. Backed by Barco's Price Match Guarantee!

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Reliable Work Trucks

Reliablity is important. You need reliable employees, reliable work, and a reliable company for your clients. Make sure you can be as reliable as possible by renting your rental fleet from Barco. You can exect brand new, current model year, completely under warranty work trucks. Don't settle by buying, leasing, or even renting old used and abused trucks. Be reliable, Rent from BARCO!

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Rent The Best Trucks

Rent the best trucks from the best rental company, Barco Rent-A-Truck. We have been renting trucks to companies for over 40 years. We have a lot of experience with how to best tailor our program to your company's needs. We also only rent current model year, top of the line trim level truck models. When you rent from Barco, your fleet will consist of the best trucks around. Why not put your trust in a company that has been doing this since 1978? Choose the experience that Barco can provide to your business.

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The Benefits of Renting Your Truck Fleet

The clear and obvious choice for how to manage your work truck fleet is renting. Benefits include: You only pay when you're using trucks (send them back when you no longer need them on a jobsite), you drive brand new, current model year trucks, you'll have minimal maintance costs (new, unused trucks have incredibly minimal issues compared to old, used and abused trucks), and no long term contracts (you're only paying month to month rather than for years only to have an old 5-6 year old truck once it's paid off).

GMC Sierra pickup interior, your seat awaits image

Your Seat Awaits

Pull up to the jobsite in a Barco truck, and be ready for the day. Getting out of that brand new, leather and full option truck may be even harder than the work you're going to do. With GMC, Chevy, Ram, and Ford trucks in Barco's lineup and top trim levels including SLT, LTZ, Laramie, and Lariat - you will have the best seat possible pulling up to work.