Why Rent Your 4X4 Pickup Trucks From Barco
Versus Leasing or Purchasing?

When you're looking to lease a commercial vehicle, getting something new with less maintenance worries is typically the goal. While, if you're thinking that purchasing your work trucks would be better, the draw may be that you will have an asset that you can modify as you please. Renting your commercial work truck fleet provides a combination of these things giving you the best of both worlds.

Renting your 4x4 truck fleet from Barco presents little risk and offers maximum flexibility. Barco will deliver new current model year 4X4 pickup trucks, and allow you to outfit your rental trucks as you see necessary – from adding company brand decals, tool boxes or even fifth wheel or gooseneck hitches.

We offer nationwide delivery of new rental trucks right to your job site and we will pick them up when your work is done!! We do not lock you into a long term lease or six years of payments to purchase.

With Barco you can finally experience 100% utilization of your company trucks.

Advantages of Renting Your Commercial Fleet from Barco